How to prepare or dress dried Codfish/Stockfish Soup

How to prepare or dress dried Codfish/Stockfish

Dried Stockfish (Cod) are usually sold whole, in pieces or just the heads. The stockfish are seen to be harder and tough after they are dried such that market sellers used a small carpentersawin cutting them into medium shapes. Before cooking stockfish, soaked in a warm salted water to enable the removal of dirt or sand after which you boiled or steam for about 15-20 minutes to tenderized and soften both the bones and the flesh and further break into pieces before adding it to the main food.

Common dishes in which Cod/ stockfish is used

Codfish (Stockfish) is a flavourful, thick fleshy fish popular to many. In Nigeria,dried stockfish is usually combined with assorted meat and other ingredients to prepare different dishes like Egusi, Afang, Edikan-ikong, ugba na Okporoko, atama, editan, Ekpang-Nkukwuo, Banga stew and Ogbono soup. One of my aunties often prepares Afia- efere (Calabar white soup) with stock fish because of the authentic flavour and texture it adds to the soup. Stockfish is treated as a special fish among the Calabars and the Igbos, such that their soups cant be completed without the addition of stockfish in the food. Stockfish are also used in other places like Netherlands to prepare broodje bakeljauw, Vicenza prepares an Italian dish called Baccala alla vicentina also, and Norway prepares bolonese with stockfish while Croatia and Dalmatia use stockfish to prepare a local dish called bakalar .1 kg dried stockfish (Cod or Okporoko) is believed to be equivalent to 5kg of the fresh codfish.

Simple Cod Recipes

  1. Codfish with lemon butter sauce recipe

Ingredients for preparing fresh codfish/stockfish lemon butter sauce

  • 1 Medium size fresh codfish
  • 1 Medium onion
  • Cup vegetable oil
  • 1 Butter
  • 2 Table spoons plain flour to coat the fish
  • I Teaspoon ground garlic
  • 1Table spoon lime or lemon juice
  • 1 Fish seasoning cube
  • 1 Fresh or chilli pepper
  • Handful parsley, scent leaves or any leafy vegetable of your choice.
  • Salt to taste